Hi guys, long time no see!

Thank you all so much for your support, and always cheering me up and helping me to pursue my many dreams of becoming an entertainer and to get a good education. It makes my day when I see that someone has wished me luck in all that I do... Because it inspires me even more and I work harder and harder not just for myself, but for everyone because I love to entertain you all too! Every single comment that you guys send
me puts a smile on my face and especially when I'm feeling sad or doubtful of something, I remember all of your friendly words telling me to never give up or to keep working hard and it keeps me going and going!!!! Thank you guys so much!!!!

Well, I was just recently back in Japan so I kinda just got back to Hawaii... So tired... But Japan was soooo much fun!!!!

As some of you may already be aware of, I was given the honor of appearing in the Shiseido Tsubaki Event at the Omotesando Hills, since I was in the summer '07 commercial, and that was just so amazing! I got to meet and see my friends Hana-chan and Anne-chan, both extremely gorgeous super models with the kindest and most humorous personalities!!! I was so happy and we all had a blast! ;) I also got to work with very nice
people from Shiseido and the beautiful and talented models and actresses that were there with me as well.Everyone was just so extremely nice to me, so I was very fortunate and lucky to have been with such great people! Those high heels I wore hurt REALLY bad though... Haha. They were at LEAST like 15 cm tall!
Ouch! But I absolutely LOVED my dress that I got to wear! It was just so adorable and it was super colorful and fun too! At the end of the event we each got to speak about our dreams, and even though it was pretty hard to talk about it in Japanese, I tried my best to explain that I really LOVED to sing, dance and act and all I want to do for the rest of my life is to entertain people because it makes me so happy. I also said that even though I live in America, in my "heart"
I'm still a true Japanese girl that loves Japan and America too, and when I grow up I want to live here in the U.S. AND Japan and entertain people all over the world!

Anyway, I should get to bed because I have ballet early tomorrow morning, but one more thing before I say my farewell...

MOTW!!! Actually, this week's MOTW is probably VERY familiar to you since I bought her CD this week when it released in Japan... Angela Aki - san!!! I am a HUUUUGE fan of her's and I LOVE her music! On her new CD "Today" I love the songs "Sakura Iro" and "Tashikani" the best but ALL of them are amazing so I
love all of them!

Nighty night!], sleep tight!








そろそろ、寝なきゃ。明日はね、朝早くからバレエがあるの。けど、“おやすみ”を言う前にもう一つ、MOTW(ミュージックオブザウィーク)!!! 今回のMOTWは、きっと皆も知っているかもしれないけど、日本でリリースされた彼女のCDを今週買ったの・・・アンジェラアキさん!!! 私に、彼女の大大大大大ファンなの。ホント、彼女の音楽大好き!彼女の新しいCD“TODAY” の中の、”桜色“と”確かに“が特に好きだけど、ぜーんぶアメージングで好き!


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